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Megan Scheck


"I believe in healthy, yummy eats that make you feel good inside and out."

What makes me joy-fuelled? Currently, it's my team at home:

4 kiddos (happy chaos), an amazing husband and the cutest, laziest chocolate lab name Tahoe.


My path to the Joy Bar begins with: a Bachelors degree in Nursing, over 8+ years working in the business world and as volunteer work with a focus on the well being of children. Athletics and fitness are what makes my heart smile. This next phase of my life came organically as this combines all of my passions.

I feel blessed with a great tribe of family and friends. I have a love for all Chicago sports, lake life, a good dose of silliness, travel and good old-fashioned hugs.


This is a passion project and I feel lucky to have found someone like Alicia to share in this journey.  We are part of a special community and are grateful for the opportunity to spread some JOY.


"I'm passionate about living life to the fullest with the ones you love."

After my father became ill with cancer in 2007, I leaped into the world of healthy living and the power of plant-based foods... cue Coldplay's "I Will Fix You." Immediately I benefited too!  I felt increased energy and vibrancy through detoxing and choosing real, clean and live foods.  Soon after a career change was made (former PR world) and I became a certified raw food chef/educator through Matthew Kenney Academy.


My primary goal was to encourage others to be healthy, happy and heal within.  Locally referred to as "Reasonably Raw Mama," I created healthy raw vegan meals for my community for a few years. Eventually, my longtime health enthusiast friend, Megan and I would dream of creating a local place where our friends, family and community could enjoy healthy quick meals, juices and treats in our busy lives-- The Joy Bar was born!


I'm beyond happy to be able to open such a place to serve our community!  I'm especially grateful for the JOY and love of my three busy kiddos and supportive hubby.  When I'm not juicing, chopping and getting creative in the kitchen-- you'll find me laughing loud, traveling, rocking out to live music (a lot), snuggling with our furry pets, working out (living in those yoga pants), carpooling around town and most importantly enJOYing my family and friends.

 Alicia Skodol
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