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RISE Back to School Challenge Detox

DETOX WEEK ONE (limit 20):


Tuesday Sept. 11th, Wednesday Sept. 12th, and Thursday Sept. 13th


Pick up will be at The Joy Bar 548 Crescent Blvd. Glen Ellyn


Pick up for Tuesday Sept. 11th will be: 

Monday Sept. 10th 3-4pm or Tuesday Sept. 11th 6-9am


Pick up for Wednesday Sept. 12th will be:

Tuesday Sept. 11th 3-4pm or Wednesday Sept. 12th 6-9am


Pick up for Thursday Sept. 13th will be:

Wednesday Sept. 12th 3-4pm or Thursday Sept. 13th 6-9am

DETOX WEEK ONE (limit 20):

Tuesday Sept. 18th, Wednesday Sept. 19th and Thursday Sept. 20th


Pick up will be at The Joy Bar 548 Crescent Blvd. Glen Ellyn: 


Pick up for Tuesday Sept. 18th will be: 

Monday Sept. 17th 3-4pm or Tuesday Sept. 18th 6-9am


Pick up for Wednesday Sept. 19th will be: 

Tuesday Sept. 18th 3-4pm or Wednesday Sept. 19th 6-9am


Pick up for Thursday Sept. 20th will be:

Wednesday Sept. 19th 3-4pm or Thursday Sept. 20th 6-9am


Cleanse includes:

2 16oz. juices, one salad and snack or detox 4oz. shot.

You can substitute a fresh smoothie in place of juice that will not be pre-made and will be made on site at The Joy Bar.  The Joy Bar also will provide detailed cleansing protocol and support.  


Cost: $140 


Please choose either WEEK 1 OR WEEK 2


I acknowledge and confirm that:

1. I am of legal age and I am requesting an instructional cleanse with The Joy Bar. I am solely

responsible for my decision to consume of these items.

2. This cleanse is for educational purposes, and is not to diagnose or treat disease. I understand

that this cleanse is not intended to replace medical care, and I will seek medical

treatment from a licensed health car provider if required.

3. I understand that botanicals may be contraindicated with certain health conditions. For this

reason, I confirm that I have had a general physical from a medical doctor within the last 12

months, and have disclosed to my doctor my participation in this program.

4. I understand that Rise/The Joy Bar do not guarantee any particular outcome.

5. I understand that I am under no obligation to follow any recommendations made by the

Rise/The Joy Bar.

In consideration of my acceptance as a participant in this, I for myself, heirs, executors, administrators

and assignees, do hereby release and discharge Rise/The Joy Bar from all claims of

damages, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from my participation


After submitting, we will email you a confirmation and payment instructions

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